one carat by Definitive Design

The company one carat was formed by good friends Gerrard Fogarty and Rhys James in 1998, Gerrard coming from a background of over ten years of fine hand made jewellery, and Rhys finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

They set out to make modern, stylish and contemporary designs for the jewellery industry. One year later they had achieved their goals with a win in the De Beers Diamond Facets Awards. Several years later they parted company, with Gerrard taking over the reins of one carat on his own. It was at this stage he began to work closely with other jewelers to add to his range of designs.


Sadly, after ten years of building one of the more successful modern jewelers in Melbourne Gerrard was diagnosed with a degenerative illness, and was not able to continue on working. He succumbed to his illness and passed away in June of 2010 at the age of 39.

Geoff Marion and Kerry Schilke of Definitive Design Jewellery took over the running of his company with a mind to preserve his original designs while building on the quality he had become synonymous with.

Having worked for, and with Gerrard for over three and a half years, and herself a three time National Design Award winner, as well as a De Beers Diamond Facets finalist, Kerry Schilke was well placed to understand the needs of Gerrard’s past clients, having personally seen many of them herself in her time at one carat.

one carat

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