About Us

The Beginning

Definitive Design Jewellery was created in 2005 by husband and wife team Geoff Marion and Kerry Schilke with an eye to creating individual hand crafted pieces of eye catching jewellery. With over forty years of combined experience in the jewellery industry, and having been together since 1997 they have a good understanding of what it takes to make things work.

The People

Geoff first learnt to cut gem stones as a twelve year old child, igniting in him a passion for realizing and bringing forth the beauty from raw materials. With a background in antiques he has long had a feel for the fine quality of the traditional methods of handcrafting beautiful pieces. Having started in the jewellery industry as an opal cutter in 1986, he progressed through the trade learning all the skills of handcrafting and repairing fine jewellery. After being recognized as a master jeweler and becoming a pattern maker for a large manufacturing jeweler, Geoff set about building his own business.

Kerry has long had a passion for art and design, having won a local art award while still at school for her drawing skills, she sought a way to turn this into a life long career. Starting her apprenticeship in 1996, she has worked for some of Melbourne’s top jewellery houses, such as Precious Metals (Hollaway Diamonds) and Peter McBride before completing her qualifications in 2000. Since then she has become well known in the industry for her high quality and attention to detail, achieving many goals along the way that any business would be proud of, including many of this country’s most prestigious jewellery awards. She has then focused on passing on her knowledge and skills, becoming project designer of the jewellery category of World Skills Australia and head judge of World Skills for Victoria, and judging the national awards three times.

The Awards

  • Best 1st year apprentice
  • Best 2nd year apprentice
  • Best 3rd year apprentice
  • J.A.A. National Design Awards best 2nd year apprentice
  • J.A.A. National Design Awards best apprentice overall
  • J.A.A. National Design Awards apprentice design and craftsmanship award
  • J.A.A. National Design Awards gold design finalist
  • De Beers Diamond Facets Awards finalist
  • G.I.A. Australian Gemstone Design Awards finalist
  • World Skills Australia gold medalist

Our Focus

You’ve heard the cliches before; Like comparing apples with apples etc. So why is Definitive Design different from other jewellers in Australia? Because unlike most jewellers we believe in selling the customer what they want, not what is in stock. It is with this in mind that we apply ourselves to each task as if it was our own. One of the benefits of being a small company is we don’t have to cut corners, we have the patience necessary to achieve a rewarding and beautiful result for all our customers, no matter the size of the task at hand.

Design & Advice

All our jewellery is individually created to suit the clients needs. After a private consultation, we can help determine the best solution that fits our clients style and personality. We believe in listening to your ideas and preferences. Taking the time to get your design “right” early on ensures a smooth transition though the entire crafting process, to the finished piece.

Certified Diamonds

After all, buying a diamond is special. Each diamond has its own personality, it is a unique work of art, made partially by nature and by human hand. To fully appreciate an individual diamond information is needed, and this can be found on a diamond grading certificate. At Definitive Design Jewellery we provide only grading certificates that are internationally recognized for their excellent reputation, objectivity and quality. GIA, HRD and Auscert to name but a few.

Our Guarantee

We’re happy if you’re happy. It might sound cliche, but its true. We strive to achieve the best results possible for the task at hand, and guarantee the craftsmanship and materials in all our work. An independent valuation, complete with photographs, is supplied with all our work for your peace of mind, and as a guarantee of the materials supplied.

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150 Springfield Rd, Blackburn, Victoria 3010, Australia